Hva Er Grafisk Design?

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Graphic design developed as a subject area in early 1920. Gradually, graphic design has become a subject area that includes many different products, with a finer educational system and a high degree of professionalism and specialization among practitioners.

It is important to understand that products are read, perceived and used in very different ways. For the individual product, a balance must be struck  between different and partly conflicting functional requirements, such as aesthetics, usability, functionality and rationality. In a graphic designers perspective, these functional requirements are readability, reader influence, manageability, clear structure and identity. With structure and identity we mean a stylistic and formal correspondence between appearance and content, between the visual profile and how a client wants to present himself in a market).

Graphic design is based on the product’s functionality in the broadest sense. One must look at the characteristics of the relevant target group, including needs, cultural background, attitudes and consumer behavior, communicative ability as well as the individual media’s uniqueness.

The design process normally has a strategic phase where the target group is assessed and the functional considerations are weighed against each other, and an executive phase with idea development, concept development and product design.

Graphic design is art

Graphic design differs from more artistic visual activity in the way that the designer is a communicator of a message between other parties. The graphic designer must be humble in relation to the client’s interests, however he must also contribute to the process with his own unique competence. In this lies a latent conflict that is repeated in all design, namely the opposition between the consideration of the client’s wishes and the graphic designers unique competence. A balance has to be created here, we always strive to please the client with a design that delivers their unique message with our personal touch.